Armie Hammer Makes A Damn Fine Prince In ‘Snow White’ [PHOTOS]

My friend and I are falling over ourselves due to newly released photos of Armie Hammer as Prince Andrew in Relativity Media and Tarsem Singh’s Snow White project (no official title yet).  The film, starring Julia Roberts as the evil queen and Lily Collins as Snow White, is due to be released in March 2012, three months ahead of Universal’s Snow White And The Huntsman.

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“If you had to draw a prince, you’d probably draw Armie. He looks like a prince,” Singh told People. “In real life he can be dark, he can be funny, he can be anything. I needed all that baggage to come with it. He was the perfect guy.”  Damn straight!

Entertainment Weekly got ahold of the stills from filming, and like Kristen Stewart’s version, Snow White will undergo sword fight training to take back her kingdom from that bitch who ordered her killed.  However, Relativity’s version is being billed as “family friendly comedic adventure adaptation of the classic fairy tale.”