Armed Robber Tries (And Fails) To Hold Up A Rotterdam Bar [VIDEO]

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Security footage caught an armed robber’s epic fail at T Halve Maatje Cafe in Rotterdam one night around 11pm, according to the Daily What.  The perp entered the bar waving a gun, but neither the patrons nor the staff paid him any mind.  ”I walk towards him, he points his gun at me, and all I really thought was ‘beat it,’ get out of my pub,” the bartender told a local news station. 

People just carried with their drinks and conversation while the idiot kept pointing his gun.  One fellow even tapped the robber on the shoulder, and moved past him to get a seat at the bar.

Everyone at the establishment told the robber to get lost several times, especially when he demanded the bartender’s cigarettes.  Some of the patrons then chased the him out of the bar and handed him over to local police.

Afterwards they went back to their beers.

By Kelly Lynch

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