Armani Looking to Sell

February 20th, 2007 // 2 Comments

Giorgio Armani is the man with the fashion answers, a go-to for men and women alike. But, in a recent interview in the “Handelsblatt” newspaper, Giorgio revealed that his fashion group is currently up for sale. The name Armani commands a hold on the industry and the group would cost more than a lung on the black market, which the no-brainer of the century. But, the big question is, who holds the cash to scoop up the house?

“I am ready to sell to the one with the best offer. L’Oreal could be a partner. But if anyone else makes a higher offer, then he can also be the partner.”

Say it ain’t so Giorgio! Someone find him a cabaña boy to revive his drive ASAP.

By Cara Harrington

  1. Jinxy McDeath

    This is really sad, he’s so iconic and his clothing is gorgeous.

  2. ismon

    hes dead, the label has been sliding down ever since. Donatella has no style, but she trys. Sure its a great brand, but its had its day.

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