Ariel Winter Spends The Day With Sister And Temporary Guardian Shanelle Grey [PHOTOS]

Ariel Winter vs Her Mom
The 'Modern Family' star's legal woes.
There is a lot of information to digest regarding the legal battle between Ariel Winter and her mother, Chrystal Workman. Last month, a judge granted temporary custody to her sister, Shanelle Grey, who duked it out with their mother twenty years ago for similar reasons.

Winter’s guardianship attorney told People, “Ariel is doing well and she has a lot of people who are loving her and supporting her at this time, and I’m pretty confident that she’ll fare well through all of this.

“She is obviously a very smart and articulate young lady and an accomplished actress.”

Winter accused Workman of physical and verbal abuse, something mom vehemently denies. 

Winter, who is still reporting to the Modern Family set, is scheduled to attend the premiere of her Disney movie, Sofia The First: Once Upon A Princess this Saturday in Los Angeles.

Today (November 9th), Winter was seen out in Los Angeles with her sister.  The girls headed into a salon, and then grabbed sushi together.