Aren’t You Tired Of Lurking?

April 22nd, 2007 // 1 Comment

If you’re one the lurkers on Famesters, our social networking site, why not take a minute or two and just register? If you were to register, you would have the ability to post polls like these:

- Who would you do? I picked Joe Francis.
- Were you ever in a sorority?
- And most importantly, Who’s Going To Win On America’s Next Top Model This Season?

You can also create your own blog, and write blog posts like these:

- How to register for a Famesters account?
- Don Bro Actually Died Before Don Ho. As He Should Have.
- Timbo & Justin to ’20YO’ the Fuck Out of Madonna
- Spoilers Anonymous
- Ramen is the New Pink!!

Why not generate some conversation by starting a Lounge topic:

- Most Embarrassing Moments (Part 1)
- Some Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers
- What would make “The L Word” Better in Season 5
- Is Estee Lauder wooing Reese Witherspoon?

So if you have a moment. Head on over and check out Famesters.

By Jessica Marx

  1. silvarga

    I don’t know about the other 9943 lurkers, but I can’t seem to complete registration at Famesters. I’ve tried two different usernames/email addresses and I’ve never gotten a confirmation email for either… Hey what gives?

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