Are You Ready For Some OSCARS?

Well, we certainly are. Here in Hollywood (in fact, right down the street from my humble abode), everyone’s abuzz for the prom of all awards shows. Yup, the entire awards season has been leading up to this, so I thought I’d take a stroll over to the Kodak Theatre at Hollywood and Highland and get some pictures of the preparations for Hollywood’s big night. So, please appreciate that I had to walk around in my own town, looking like a damn tourist for YOU, my wonderful readers, you.

But before I forget, let me share with you my Oscar predictions that I made for a feature on As with most of my writing, I went out of my way to avoid any kind of research, scientific and/or otherwise, in order to make sure that my answers were as unlikely to come true as feasibly possible. Enjoy!

Additionally, for those of you who relish the comedic stylings of David Spade and The Showbiz Show, make sure to check out their blog this Sunday, as they will be liveblogging the Oscars (which will hopefully tide you over until our Monday morning coverage of the event).

As you can see from the picture below, the red carpet they had laid out at the theatre was covered in a plastic tarp to protect it from rain and unimportant people who might dare to tread. Therefore, touching the protective plastic is the closest I managed to get to making my way onto the coveted red carpet for the Oscars. Alas, maybe next year. When I’ve finally saved up enough for that assassin to take out Joan and Melissa…MWAHAHAHAHA!

More exclusive photos from the Kodak Theatre, the home of the Oscars, after the jump.

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