Are You Excited For ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull?’

January 2nd, 2008 // 11 Comments

With Harrison Ford, George Lucas and Harrison Ford all back for round four, it’s hard not to be excited for the film. With the additions of Shia LaBeouf to the cast, and Cate Blanchett playing a villain, and the return of Karen Allen, we have the makings of a rock solid sequel. Are you geared up for the latest Indy movie?

By Michael Prieve

  1. Bleu Velveeta

    Who wouldn’t be excited to watch a new Indy movie, considering he’s now 6 years older than his dad was in the last one!

  2. Sprinkles

    I’m bringing a whip to the premier :)

  3. Chaz

    Harrison Ford looks like the crystal skull these days.

    This would have been a good idea about 10 years ago, but I think Ford has just gotten too old to carry an adventure film.

  4. Sloane

    Can’t wait!!!

  5. Anne Arkham

    Karen Allen should have been in all of them. It’s about time they had her back.

  6. Jo

    Thank goodness they brought back Karen Allen and not Steven’s wife. :) I LUV Karen Allen, she is still just beautiful.

  7. Dianne

    Hey, if anyone can pull this off, Harrison and Steve can. I hope it ends up doing as well as Bruce’s last “Die Hard”. These guys are GOOD at what they do!

  8. Kelly

    harrison ford is still hot.

  9. Cheesy

    I would run away with Harrison to this day. I will be at opening night! Can’t wait. Harrison Ford still rocks my world!

  10. Loob

    I’m very excited to see it! I’ve been hopelessly in unrequited love with Indy since I was 12-ish!

  11. Lynn Angela Pisco

    I think that Karen Allen is one of the most impressive female action icon ever . I’m mean the way she does these scenes from Indiana Jones and The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull was absolutely awesome indeed . She’s in the best shape at her age right now along with Harrison Ford as Indy of course come on now these actors have to go through a lot of physical training to do these stunts especially when Karen Allen as being known as Marion Ravenwood likes to take charge this time for sure driving two cars ( one of them that looks like a boat ) going full throttle towards at the edge of the cliff and then dropped into the water rapids three times while Indy himself gave her directions and says : don’t you ever do that again . She says with a smile : yes dear . I was like oh man yeah this chick knows what to do while she’s driving trust her though . Then after the very last drop, she ( Marion ) began to laugh and smiled again while holding onto the wheel and I think she’s fantastic and very funny whenever she does this kind of scene if you ask me . Also there’s were those moments when Marion, Mutt , Oxley and Indy were kinda running from these Russians solders and both of them got stuck into the quick sand and she told Indy that Mutt ( Henry Jones Jr. III ) is actually his son and didn’t know about it until when they were inside the truck still have those love – hate relationship arguments once again and Mutt is in the middle and wanted their parents to stop it . Finally there was those big giant steps that each one of them have to run down stairs from and I think it took a lot of physical training to do this type of exercise as their own stunts especially Karen Allen herself no doubt come on she’s 56 hasn’t changed since before the first one . And still she managed to pull it all off onto the big screen in which everybody knew from that particular moment she will continue to enjoyed being Marion Ravenwood this day .

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