Are Tom Cruise’s Lawyers Back In Action?

Beloved E Gossip reporter Kristen, posted an item earlier today in her column which has now disappeared. It’s rumored that Tom had a list of young Hollywood starlets that he wanted to mate with. It seems that Jessica Alba and Jennifer Garner may have been on that list.

According to sources close to Jessica Alba and boyfriend Cash Warren, before Tom and Katie became the latest It couple, Cruise’s reps called Jessica to request a meeting. Assuming it was about a movie role, she met him at his house, where he talked about his life, house, cars, kids–everything except an onscreen partnership. (And apparently the amore audition list goes on–my buddy Ted’s got some dirt involving Tommy-boy and one Sofia Vergara that’s, well, crazy.)

Jennifer GarnerCruise’s rep could not be reached for comment, but if Alias sources are correct, it seems he may have a thing for TV’s butt-kicking babes, not to mention impeccable taste, for word is, he also placed a call or two to the girl we love and adore, Jennifer Garner. Makes sense, after all, since JJ Abrams has said Tom initially chose him to direct Mission Impossible: 3 after watching the first two seasons of Alias on DVD. Seems he’s something of a fellow Alias fan (and therefore, clearly, a very smart man).

E! gave no explanation for the disappearance of the blurb, so we can only assume that Tom’s lawyers caught wind. He must have a team of people scouring the internet for dirt on Tommy.

Interestingly enough, neither Tom or Katie can remember how the two of them met. Mmmm. You would have thought that they would have had a story prepared for that one. But no. Tom had not answer for the question on Oprah, and Katie had no answer on Letterman. The list is sounding more plausible minute by minute.

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