Are Those Damn Pics Real Or Not?


Is anyone else totally confused by this Oscar De La Hoya/drag situation? Everyone’s all, nah it’s Photoshop but I can’t see the lines! It’s like when you can’t see Jesus in that damn jesus freak MC Escher thing they made us look at in C.C.D.! And this stripper who sold the pics sounds like she’s got some balls on her. She says she didn’t get any scratch. Is it a lie? Opinions? Russian stripper Milana Dravnel says that she was “pressured” to give up the pics by “certain individuals” for their own financial gain. She’s saying she wants her cut! This chick DOES have a contract with X-17 Online though. Hmm hmm.

The 22-year-old Russian vixen may not have received a check yet, but she does have a contract with the picture-peddlers at the X17 agency, according to two sources who say they’ve seen the document. Dravnel is said to be in line for 70% of any sales. But she still doesn’t sound happy on a voice mail she recently left for a partner who licensed the photos to “Entertainment Tonight,” which also interviewed her.

Yeah, cause I’m sure “the kids” were her main concern. Supposedly there’s MORE pictures out there of Oscar allegedly getting kinky. If all this is true, Oscar is probably wishing he’d been a lot more smarter before he had that seventh margarita and let “Goldie” come out for a visit. His wife must be like, what kinda cheesy bitch wears a fishnet bodysuit? At least have some taste if you’re gonna tuck.

Update: Here’s the actual transcript of the recording, which has been obtained by The Insider. Is this chick an actress? I’m not buying it. She seems to alternately feel guilty/want more money from X-17. What?

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Dravnel says, “I can’t believe we did this. This is so stupid because I could have got so much more money out of this. And we did it for $70,000. All of America is watching this. They’re making so much money on me and you let them take advantage of me and do this for $70,000. What am I gonna do next? What is gonna happen to me? I came out there saying I’m a fucking escort from Scores and revealed Oscar looking like shit and they crushed a million hearts of kids that are in love with this super guy. He’s an idol of America. People look up to him. I just trashed his image. Everybody hates him now for doing this. And you made me come out there and do this for $70,000 whatever. We’re gonna get another 100? It doesn’t matter. This was not worth the price that we’re paying for it. I’m really upset about this. I can’t sleep. I can’t eat. I’m throwing up. And I can’t believe I paid to come to you guys. I wish we would have been a lot smarter.”

Tonight’s “The Insider” will supposedly have more on Fishnetbodysuitgate.