Are Jamie Lynn Spears And Casey Aldridge Back Together?

Probably not.  But speculation is fun, so let’s do some, shall we?

I know I haven’t thought about Spears the Lesser in a while (wherefore art thou, Zoey?), but it seems that 19-year-old single mom Jamie Lynn Spears only broke up with baby-daddy Casey Aldridge at the beginning of this year.

The rumors of a reconciliation started because the two have been seen at a concert and at Britney Spears’ house.  More importantly, Jamie Lynn’s Wikipedia page confirms it!! (and Wikipedia is fact-checked by Jesus himself!)

Alright, I know you don’t give a crap about Britney Spears’ sister’s love life (’cause you’re so important), but feel free to look at some mad old pictures of these two boring-ass coconuts at Walmart back in naught-eight.  I’d love to rag on them for being at Walmart, but in most towns, it’s pretty much the only store, so I can’t hate on some folks keeping it real on the Walmart tip.  It’s like the Barney’s of the South!