Are Jake Gyllenhaal’s ‘Prince of Persia’ Abs Real?

May 13th, 2009 // 5 Comments

Or are they fake? Compared to the other shots in the gallery below, it’s looking as if Jake Gyllenhaal is getting a little help in the abs department in Prince of Persia: Sand of Time.

Does it really make any difference?

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Patsup

    What are going to call this? Ab-gate? PoP filmed over a very long period of time. It could be that some pix were taken early in the schedule and others later, and that Jake’s exercise routine varied over time. But, nevertheless, you’d think the Disney folks would have watched more carefully for consistency. Hugh Jackman is always set from day one and continues at that level well into promo time.

  2. Jessica

    More importantly, is that bulge real?

  3. dante

    Looks like the same people who work on Mariah Carey’s body did some work here.

  4. migso

    on the “ripped-abs” pictures he’s laughing, so it’s natural that he’s doing some effort at his stomach, flexing his midsection and showing the abs…on the other pics, he’s just walking, relaxed, that’s why we can’t see them so clearly

  5. Atomic

    Yes, they are real. The lighting makes all the difference.

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