Are You Seriously Serious, Paris Hilton?

Paris Hilton bitched to USA Today about the conga line of famewhores who are just trying to copy her.  Currently shooting a reality show for Oxygen entitled The World According to Paris, Hilton told the newspaper, “There’s so many people out there who try to imitate what I do but I am the original.  There is nothing like me.”  She’s also very proud of all she’s accomplished before turning 30: A sex tape, an album, jail time, a few films, lots of cameos, probation, an autobiography and a fragrance (just to name a few).

In all fairness, Hilton did spearhead the “I’m Famous For No Reason,” movement, but I had to pause and count to ten after reading this next quote:

“I think that I have the best style and I know fashion.  The girls all love my style. When they buy my products they can be like me.”

PHOTO: Happy 30th Birthday To Paris Hilton

Paris gave the interview while promoting her new shoe line in Mexico City, which will hit the clearance bit at your local Marshall’s very soon.  During a press conference, journalists wanted to know why there was a Swarovski-encrusted water bottle at her side.  Hilton explained that she’d be happy to drink out of any old water bottle, but this bedazzled wonder was a gift.

Rather than park her obnoxiously pink Bentley in a lot, Paris chose to showcase it today on Sunset Boulevard, so that eeeeeeeeeeeeeeverbody can see it.  Don’t come crying to me if that thing gets vandalized while you work on your fitness, Ms. Thang.