Are U.S. Olympics Swimmers Nathan Adrian And Natalie Coughlin A Hot New Couple? [PHOTOS]

The Summer 2012 Olympics
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Nathan Adrian and Matt Grevers of the USA Olympic swimming team were spotted chowing down on Lebanese kebabs at Ranoush in London at around 3am last night (August 6).

The gold medal winners celebrated their victories as they enjoyed their late night grub after leaving the Speedo party at Kensington Roof Gardens earlier in the night.

Grevers was joined by his fiancee Annie Chandler and Adrian could be seen giving a quick massage to female US swimmer Natalie Coughlin as they hailed a cab. Curious.

Even though the swimming events have wrapped, Adrian is still feeling the rush from his personal and his team’s successes. 

“I’m still riding high. It hasn’t fully set in and sometimes I get waves of it,” he tells Us of his everlasting excitement. “Whether it’s looking on Twitter or CNN and seeing the Olympics in general, or seeing the medal count and knowing I had a part in that — it’s really cool.”

Don’t you just want to pinch his adorable face?