Are These Young Hollywood Stars Part Of A ‘SATC’ Prequel?

Even though Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristin Davis have made it clear that they want no part of a Sex And The City prequel based on The Carrie Diaries and Summer In The City, it seems the project might be underway.  The Daily Mail reports that Blake Lively, Selena Gomez (who is backed by SATC author Candace Bushnell), Emma Roberts and Elizabeth Olsen are rumored to be joining the cast, perhaps irking fans who want to see the original ladies play their pre-30s selves.

“I don’t think we can pretend to go back… It’s creating two histories. It’s like, ‘Oh I didn’t know that about Carrie Bradshaw,'” Bradshaw told the Los Angeles Times, while Davis told E! back in February, “We’ve discussed our history in the show already so for all of our fervent fans who listen to what we say, why would we rewrite that?  And then have like different people with our names? It’s kind of freaky.”

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Lively would play Samantha, Gomez would play Charlotte, Roberts would play Miranda and Olsen would play Carrie.  Initial talks pegged Lively for the role of Carrie, but she’d be a lot better playing the sexed-out Samantha Jones who was in a long-term relationship before becoming somewhat of a trollop (we say that endearingly).  “Samantha looks after a young Carrie when she first arrives in New York, showing her the ropes,” states Mail, which went on to describe how Miranda and Carrie first met: “Politically minded Miranda meets Carrie while she is protesting outside department store Barneys. The young Miss Bradshaw is on a shopping spree… Cue differences of opinion.”

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