Are Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez The Cutest Couple Ever? [PHOTOS]

Justin & Selena Kiss
The couple gets romantic during a sun filled vacation!
Justin & Selena Beach It
Justin and Selena enjoy some fun in the sun!
When word finally got out that Selena was Justin’s girlfriend, Beliebers everywhere went nuts. Selena received death threats via Twitter and other social media sites that caused a major uproar… Fans were so jealous they were going crazy!

I mean Selena, then 18, was dating one of the most sought after superstars of our generation. The 17 year-old Bieber was every girls dream. After being discovered on Youtube the teen sensation quickly shot to fame and gained a cult fan following. But why would anyone ever be mad that these two cuties were dating? The duo is just so… damn adorable!

Wit out of control PDA, many red carpet appearances made together, and almost two years of dating under their belts, I’d say these two are good to go. Check out this gallery if you’re ready to check out the cutest moments in the history of their relationship.