Are Hilary Duff And Mike Comrie Getting Back Together?

Hilary Hits The Park
The mom enjoyed an outing with cute son Luca.
Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie announced their split a few months ago – so why are they still spending so much time together?

Hilary and Mike were seen shopping together today at Chanel in Beverly Hills, and the two definitely didn’t look like a divorced couple. In fact, they were acting very happily married. What’s going on here?

Hilary and Mike hugged and leaned on each other while in the store, appearing extremely happy and content with each other. Are the parents of the most adorable baby ever, Luca, getting back together?

Sources say no, that the pair have simply agreed to be best friends and continue to raise their amazing son together. Hm. Are we buying it?

To me, they seem too into each other to not be at least considering working on their marriage the tiniest bit. Hilary never really seemed upset after they announced the split, as evidence from pictures and her Instagram, and seems to be doing just fine. Either she’s bounced back super quickly or there’s something these two aren’t telling us.

Personally, I want Hilary and Mike to get back together. They’re cute together, and I love Luca, so they’re basically the perfect little family. I guess only time will tell.