Are Halle Berry And Olivier Martinez Already Trying For A Baby?

Halle Berry has made it clear she’d like some more beautiful babies soon thank you very much. Even though she’s only been dating her Dark Tide co-star Olivier Martinez for less than a year, the actress is worried she is running out of time to start a bigger family.

“I’d love more children. I’m 44, so who knows how much longer I can wait?,” Berry said. Her daughter Nahla with ex Gabriel Aubry is almost three and Berry said she’s been able to manage her career and motherhood well so far.

“You make time for what’s important. She’s not yet three, so I take her with me,” Berry said. “Once she’s five or six, and in school, I’ll have to make a change.”

What does Martinez think of all this baby talk? No word from the actor yet, pictured grocery shopping in West Hollywood today. Why the rush all of a sudden for the contented couple? I have a feeling this may or may not have something to do with a certain date someone went on recently