Are ‘Gossip Girl’ Co-Stars Kelly Rutherford And Matthew Settle Dating?

September 12th, 2011 // 7 Comments

What’s this?  Are Lily and Rufus dating in real life?  Gossip Girl co-stars Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settle arrived at the QVC Fashion Show Saturday night at The Suspenders Building in New York City together, but that wasn’t the most eye-catching part.

Rutherford had her finger in Settle’s back pocket, a very intimate move for two people insisting that they’re just friends.  While on the red carpet, Rutherford and Settle kept their arms around one another.

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Hey, we totally dig off-screen romances, so for Lily and Rufus to make this the real deal would be A-OK with us.  After all, they’re both separated from their respective partners.

Gossip Girl returns Monday, September 26th @ 8pm.

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By Kelly Lynch

  1. guest

    they r annoying

  2. Matthew Settle Kelly Rutherford Fashion week flirting
    Jack Morgan
    Commented on this photo:

    I wonder if Settle ever takes his (unbelievable) hair system off for Kelly at night.

  3. netty

    love it^^ they should date lol..^^:-)))

  4. Marie

    They’re sexy and have an incredible chemistry on screen, so go ahead, great mature couple, the best one in the show.

  5. Ladylike

    I heard she’s dating a lawyer and he’s dating other person, but they always are saying they’re good friends and support each other with their respective children.

    That hand may be publicity for the upcoming season, even so they seem to have chemistry on and off screen, she’s gorgeous and he’s very sexy! Do it u 2!

    If she’s dating the lawyer and he’s dating other woman, they have explaining to do, publicity or not, hand-butt, is intimate.

  6. Kate

    I love them together! Wish they would date in real life. They are the only reason I still watch Gossip Girl :) Best TV couple ever

  7. Matthew Settle Kelly Rutherford Fashion week flirting
    Commented on this photo:

    I love this couple.

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