Are ‘Gossip Girl’ Co-Stars Kelly Rutherford And Matthew Settle Dating?

What’s this?  Are Lily and Rufus dating in real life?  Gossip Girl co-stars Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settle arrived at the QVC Fashion Show Saturday night at The Suspenders Building in New York City together, but that wasn’t the most eye-catching part.

Rutherford had her finger in Settle’s back pocket, a very intimate move for two people insisting that they’re just friends.  While on the red carpet, Rutherford and Settle kept their arms around one another.

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Hey, we totally dig off-screen romances, so for Lily and Rufus to make this the real deal would be A-OK with us.  After all, they’re both separated from their respective partners.

Gossip Girl returns Monday, September 26th @ 8pm.

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