Aquaman Is Recast

February 23rd, 2006 // 20 Comments

And he’s gayer than before!

Justin Hartley has replaced Will Toale who replaced Alan Ritchson from the original Smallville appearance.

The CW Network released the following generic statement:

“Will is a talented actor with a promising career and we hope to work with him in the future,” a CW spokesman said. “We have made the decision to go in a different direction with the Aquaman role and wish him the best of luck in all of his endeavors.”

Hartley dives in as Aquaman for CW pilot [Reuters]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. sayin it

    I hope to work with him in the future too!

  2. Dr. tia

    I looooooove Justin Hartley. I was so pissed that he left Passions. Now they have this lame ass playing Justin Hartley’s character on Passions. Justin I love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. KittyLiterati

    His eyes seem a skosh lifeless and he’s wearing that hideous pink shirt. But I’d not kick him out of bed.

  4. Small Fry

    Hold the phone. Do you mean to tell me that someone actually watches Passions?

  5. Dr. tia

    yes that is right small fry i watch passions .. i’m lame i know as u all have said before lol .. i cant help it ..its so addictive !!! Passions is the shit

  6. BowandQuiffer

    #4 Small Fry, Hahahahahaha!

    #3 What the hell is a skosh….I hated that word when I heard Ross say it on Friends. Like skooch as in “skooch over” (ugh, shivers in disgust)

  7. Alie

    I think #3 might be going for “skoch” which means “a little bit”. It’s from Amy Heckerling’s (who made Clueless) less popular but VERY funny movie “Loser”, with Jason Biggs and Mena Suvari.

  8. Alie

    And #3 did spell it correctly, my bad:

    Paul Tannek (Jason Biggs): Do you think you could turn it down just a skosh?
    Chris: A skosh? What the hell is that?

  9. KittyLiterati

    Actually, I didn’t get it from that movie, which I have never seen. I’ve been using “skosh” for years. Me gramps used to say it.

  10. Stewie Griffin

    They made the right choice, he’ll be better for the part than the other two guys. BTW he’s married to fellow Passions co-star Lindsay Korman and they have a daughter.

  11. CrazyCarrie06

    Justin Hartley is ANYTHING but gay – who the hell are you to judge?

    Justin is an AMAZING actor and has a HUGE heart —

    Justin is going to do GREAT in whatever he attempts

  12. Dr. tia

    LOL ! Carrie, Everywhere there is Justin there you are. You are such a devoted fan its amazing lol. I just love that about you. Keep it up Carrie !!!

  13. CrazyCarrie06

    LOL Dr. Tia — do you post on JHO or RnA? Cuz I don’t know if I’ve seen your screen name before…

    But yea

    I am a devoted fan — and if he’d done 1/2 the stuff for any one else that he’s done for me — you would be too –

    I can’t stand that so many people are DEMONIZING him for this

    Hollywood is Hollywood — Will didn’t cut it — Justin did — I have very little sympathy for Will — it’s not the end of his career unless he MAKES it the end of his career — If the roles had been reversed I’d feel the same way about Justin (but I’d probably have a little more sympathy cuz it’s so personal when it comes to Justin lol – but I’d still be like — well that’s Hollywood) –

    It doesn’t mean the END of his career unless Will MAKES it the end of his career —

    Was it the end of Stuart Townsends (sp?) career when Viggo Mortensen replaced him as Aragorn in LotR and that came out huge? NO. He’s been in plenty of movies since then and made a name for himself.

    Will just wasn’t what they were looking for in the role — it sucks — but that’s Hollywood for you — one minute you’re up — and the next you get the boot — You pick yourself up and keep pressing or you just roll over and let the cows walk out — but ultimately it’s your choice and your attitude…

    I got the link from RnA and saw they were calling my guy — gay — so I had to come over and give my $0.02 —

    Since when does wearing Pink make you GAY? Good lord people –

    I know gay people — and I dont know a SINGLE gay guy whose eyes will just LIGHT UP when discussing a member of the opposite sex — you want to see Justin come to life — talk about his wife with him for ONE MINUTE — I swear I have NEVER seen that look in someone’s eyes before — it’s SOOOOO ROMANTIC — he’s just SMITTIN with her… awwwww

  14. WTH

    Who the hell wrote this ? Justin is a great actor, just because the guy is good looking and all kinds of pretty doesn’t make him gay.You go Justin the guy is fantastic , has a great personallity and can act which is more thani can say for half of Hollywood.

  15. Dr. tia

    Yes Carrie im on JHO,RnA,and Passions official website … I will leave you a message on there. On JHO my s/n is tialuvspassions06 .. yep thats me I had drama with some girl on there lol .. anyway I just love how you represent Justin thats great .. keep it up !!! :)

  16. WTF

    If that hottie is gay I’m Rosie O’Donnell. Jealousy is an ugly thing.

  17. frostiebox

    i don’t think he’s gay since he’s married in real life to the girl who plays teresa on passions. they also have a baby together.

  18. Qua

    Yea I’m confuzzled, are you gay?

    I read your news everyday and usually yes I do like what I read, but this I gotta give you two thumbs DOWN, Justin is not and he will not ever be gay.

    Watchhim in action before you start to judge the damn man.

  19. Jessica

    Justin Hartley just left the NBC soap Passions, and he is married to one of the actresses on Passions, Lindsay Hartley. Definitely not gay, sorry.

  20. Jessica

    Oops, someone said it before me. :)

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