Vito Schnabel Denies Dating Demi Moore, But I Bet She Wishes She Was! [PHOTOS]

Mila And Ashton
Mila and Ashton enjoy a PDA filled afternoon.
Apparently, Demi Moore doesn’t want Ashton Kutcher to get all the spotlight, post-breakup.

Being up to our ears in the cuteness of Kutcher and his new girlfriend, Mila Kunis, Moore’s ears must have been burning. Reports have started flowing in regarding a new romance between Moore and Vito Schnabel, the 26-year-old art dealer and son of director and artist, Julian Schnabel.

The pair have been reportedly spending time with each other in Miami, FL this past weekend, but that’s only by the word of anonymous sources. And, you know what they say: pictures, or it didn’t happen. The abundance of rumors does make you wonder if it’s true, however.

Schnabel, who has been linked to older beauties in the past, like Liv Tyler and Elle Macpherson was out at an art event, alone mind you, this weekend and TMZ caught up with to ask about the alleged affair. While it’s not unheard of to deny rumors that are easily true, (*cough* Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart *cough*) Schnabel seemed to be pretty adamant in denying  any link between the 2, simply saying “No. Nope.”

Maybe this is all a publicity stunt to put both of them into the spotlight. Or perhaps the budding romance is still in it’s early stages, so they don’t want to go public. Only time, and the relentlessness of the paparazzi will tell.

In the meantime, Vito Schnabel has been enjoying this singleness on the shores of Miami Beach, shirtless. Bet Demi Moore wishes she was out frolicking in the sun with the half-her-age hunk.

Check out the gallery to see the reported new boy toy in his shirtless glory.

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