Apparently Adam Lambert & Queen Are Making A Big Announcement Next Week

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Hmmm, what could it possibly be about?

Oh wait! Could it be about how they’re going to be touring around America? Because that is an announcement I am totally down to hear.

Adam Lambert will join Brian May and Roger Taylor–two of Queen’s original members–next Thursday morning at New York’s Madison Square Garden for this very secretive announcement. So, this has to be about the tour, right? 

Because if this isn’t about a tour and instead just about a random show in a city I cannot get to, I will be very sad. I mean, I’ll live because the internet will there for me with videos, but I need to see this live, guys!

Queen live is a magical, breathtaking experience and I can’t even imagine how amazing it is be with Adam there. So stay tuned to find out what’s going on next week. I, for one, cannot wait.