Antonio Sabato Jr’s Family Debut Christmas Cards [Exclusive Photos]

December 21st, 2011 // 2 Comments

Look out Kardarshian and Beckham families, you’ve got some competition!

Antonio Sabato Jr and his fiancée Cheryl Moana Marie posed with their adorable 5-month-old son Antonio Kamakanaalohamaikalani Harvey Sabato III for their annual Christmas cards.

Photographer Michael Freeby snapped the photos of the gorgeous family. Hair and makeup for the shoot were done by Teal Druda.

Cheryl Moana Marie’s outfits and jewelry for the shoot were custom made by Project Runway runner-up Gordana Gehlhausen, who will be back for Project Runway All-Stars premiering on Lifetime on January 3rd. All three of the Sabatos will be the subject of a special edition of ABC’s Wife Swap which will also airing in January.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Antonio Sabato Jr. 2011 Family Christmas Cards
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    Obvious Antonio has had his hair dyed for the photo shoot & what’s with the botox on his forehead & around his eyes? He is looking VERY OLD! Crows feet around the eyes & that red shirt looks HIDEOUS on him! Antonio’s face looks so FAKE! Cheryl has that much make up on & her smile is so false she looks like a common prostitute! The photo’s are TERRIBLE! They do not look natural at all, they look like a painted up family SHOWING OFF to let everyone think they’re some sort of HAPPY family. What’s with the red leather sleeves on the dress! Cheap!! Why would you dress like that for a family photo & plaster make up all over your face? It looks very un natural. What’s with Cheryl’s eye brow? Plucking one eye brow to go up – very strange! Notice it’s a “Sabato Family Christmas Photo” but where’s Jack & Mina? Think Cheryl dislikes those two kids & wants Antonio all to herself pretending he has no other children but the baby! Antonio K… Harvey looks sour. He has a fat head, his eyes are so close together with a squashed up nose – he is the BABY OF SATAN! & his middle name is unorthodox – ATTENTION SEEKING. Very FALSE FAMILY if you ask me! i hope Antonio Sabato Jr got Cheryl to sign a Prenuptial Agreement – silly boy if he didn’t she’ll take his house & assets! I think Antonio is looking for any type of publicity at the moment, his acting career isn’t exactly rosy at the moment. Doing MY ANTONIO was very cheesy & desperate & then Celebrity Wife Swap, well I say no more! DESPERATE!

  2. Antonio Sabato Jr. 2011 Family Christmas Cards
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    I love the photos..They’re very beautiful. Loving how sweet you are to all your fans. Your baby is so adorable. Cheryl looks incredible. And Antonio is so dang handsome….. Merry Christmas to your entire family! :D I send lots of fabulous love hugs from my spot in Venice.

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