ANTM’s Jaslene Lands “Latina” Cover

July 18th, 2007 // 5 Comments

I know that in the scheme of celebrity gossip, this isn’t exactly the most newsworthy of newsiness. But, as a devotee of all that is America’s Next Top Model, I feel obligated to bring you some quotable quotes from last cycle’s winner, Jaslene Gonzales, who is features on the most recent issue of Latina magazine and gave an in-depth interview to the mag. I’ve loved noticing the progression over the years cycles of how each winner has been more successful than the last, with the first winner’s claim to fame being that she bagged a Brady. As for Jaslene, she has high hopes for her future:

“If I become a Victoria’s Secret Angel, I will die. They do the sexiest, hottest fashion show, hands down. I want to be the Puerto Rican version of Gisele.”

If she became a Victoria’s Secret Angel, you know Yoanna House would slit her wrists right then and there, going, “Seriously, I won the same damn competition and I’m stuck here doing WEBISODES. I can’t believe I starved myself for webisodes.”

More quotes after the jump…

“A lot of people see this as a fantasy world, but I see it as a business…to market myself as a high fashion model, not a reality TV star.”

“I’m not one to change on people, but that’s becoming a fear of my friends and family. I plan to remain true to myself and where I come from.”

“I was a dancer for 12 years, in my grandfather’s dancing group of salsa, meringue, and hip-hop, called Viva La Gente. We’d perform around town, and all my friends and family would come.”

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Mich

    Well, good for her! It’s nice that something good is happening to her. That being said, I’m still quite freaked out by her uncanny resemblance to Janice Dickinson and that booty she’s got growing out of her chin.

  2. Marie

    I love that they have her picture next to “hips, booty, thighs” and “The Lazy Way to Lose Weight.” I’m sure she’ll make women feel great about themselves!

  3. Why hasn’t she used some of that Top Model money to get that chin fixed?

  4. Lillianne

    what about HIPS? BOOTY? THIGHS?

    NO! NO! and NO!

    Wonder what the Latinas think about their new Top Model? Does she represent?

  5. Chris A

    I love Jaslene, and I think she looks amazing on the cover of latina.. her chin does bother me some, but I think it works for her..

    I however dont see her being a victoria secret angel, she’s too damn boney!

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