Anti-Christ To Be Published, Goldman Family Will Benefit

This is sorta icky but I guess it’s for a good cause. Remember how O.J. had that book and television deal where he was going to tell us how he killed two people but couch it in “hypothetical” terms? I think the guy who molested me in fifth grade behind the Tedeschi’s dumpster had more redeeming qualities than a guy who decapitated a couple of people, beat the rap, and then tried to make money off it. Initially there was an uproar over this, and it got shot down. It looks like it’s being used for kind of a good cause and to collect on the debt O.J. owes the Goldmans.

The controversial O.J. book, “If I Did It,” will be repackaged and published, a New York literary agent announced today. In a statement, a rep for the agent proclaimed, “The family and publisher have pledged to leave Simpson’s manuscript entirely intact, but they will also add key commentary.”

So will they just write “he’s telling us how he killed our son” and “this guy is one evil, delusional motherf*cker” as chapter headings? It’s kinda eerie, but all the rights to the book go to the 33.5 million in damages the Juice owes Ron Goldman’s family. Seriously though, O.J.? The worst.

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