“Hitchcock” Premieres at the AFI Festival: Why We Love The Master of Horror

Bradley Cooper
Looking Adorable at the AFI Festival
Forget all the gore and torture porn horror films they try to sell us nowadays. Let us go back in time to when a villain just needed a knife to engross audiences into genuine terror. Which is why we love Alfred Hitchcock, his extravagance lies in the pure simplicity.

“Psycho” is perfect by every stretch of the imagination.  With all of the special effects, electronics and reliance on computers used for movies in the 21st century, we tend to forget why we go to theater in the first place. We go for the story. Something that grabs us with clever dialogue, outstanding character development, a crafty plot and refuses to let go.

That is the beauty of “Psycho,” and every film Hitchcock has constructed into his repertoire of cinematic masterpieces. He is an artist, painting the world with a mysterious backdrop where brilliance meets insanity. Which is why we are ecstatic about the biopic movie of Mr. Hitchcock, that premiered on November 1st at Grauman’s Chinese Theater. The all-star cast includes Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren.