Ansel Elgort Really Loves His Fans, Wants Them To Know He Is Not A Model!

The Camera Loves Ansel
Even though he's not a model, the camera sure does love Ansel Elgort!
Just another day in the life of Ansel Elgort.

The Fault In Our Stars cutie landed in NYC yesterday and was greeted by 20 of his biggest fans.  Instead of just strolling by, Ansel stopped to take a picture with as many of his admirers as he could!  He even took a selfie with a group of tween girls.  I bet they totally died of happiness after that! 

The young heart-throb later tweeted about the encounter and posted his own pics!

But it wasn’t all butterflies and roses on Ansel’s twitter earlier that day!  The star seemed tweeting mad as he addressed an article Cosmopolitan Magazine wrote about him.  Which all revolved around an earlier tweet about his Wikipedia page.

I’m sensing a twitter pattern here, and for the record his Wikipedia page has since changed.

Well apparently Cosmo thought this was super funny.  The mag joked, “It’s just Wikipedia, though, right?  The online encyclopedia anyone can edit?  Have you see some of the things on there?  Honestly, Ansel, as long as no one is using that page as a reference in a scholarly paper (Ansel Elgort: The Days of His Modeling Past), no one’s taking it seriously in the first place.”

I actually partly agree with the mag, not because I read it religiously or anything, but because they do have a point.  (And I do read it, it’s the highlight of my month).

If I were Ansel I’d take it as a compliment.  By calling him a model, everyone is pretty much saying that he is simply so attractive that they can’t comprehend him not modeling!  I mean have you seen pics of him “modeling”?  He looks trés hot!

Well Ansel still doesn’t seem too thrilled with the idea.  He pretty much blasted the mag!

I also see where he’s coming from too!  He probably takes his craft very seriously and only wishes to be identified as an actor.  Ugh such a complicated dilemma!  I hate it when my two favorite things fight!

Launch the gallery to see photos of actor, not model, Ansel bonding with his fans.