Ansel Elgort And Douglas Booth Go Shirtless For ‘Interview Magazine’ And It’s Magical

23 Pics Of Douglas
Douglas Booth is beautiful.
What’s this? Hot, young, shirtless men? Well don’t mind if I do.

Actors Ansel Elgort and Douglas Booth took it off for the latest issue of Interview Magazine, featuring the hot new faces of Hollywood. Seriously, can someone give Interview an award for sexiest photoshoots? They’re also the magazine Jamie Dornan got shirtless for.

Now back to those new faces. Ansel has made quite the splash with The Fault in Our Stars, while Douglas is busy rocking himself some Shakespeare. And did I mention they’re hot? 

But aside from those superficial features, they actually seem like pretty cool guys. I mean, Ansel wants Paul Newman to play him a movie. How is that not adorable? Oh, and Douglas is basically BFFs with Boy Georgeafter playing him in a movie. Yeah, I love them.

Check out more from the fellas in Interview Magazine, but first launch the gallery for some major hotness. I’ve even added some more eye candy for you in the form of Luke Bracey. You’re welcome!