Another Young Hollywood Marriage Bites The Dust

“Lost” actress, Emilie de Ravin and her husband of six months are now calling it quits. The couple, who married last June, had been together for almost four years before deciding to take a walk down the aisle.

Bless their hearts, at the ripe old age of 25, this looks to be their first failed marriage under their belts. From People:

The wedding was intentionally small, de Ravin told PEOPLE at the time. “I’d never have a large wedding,” she said. “That’s not the kind of person either of us is. We’re both quite low-key people.”

It was a first marriage for both. They have no children.

I wonder if he just turned to her one day and said, “You’ve ‘Lost’ that loving feeling…”

OK, I totally apologize for that horrifically bad joke but want to encourage you to keep reading ASL despite it because sometimes, I’m actually funny. Today, I’m just an ass.

Lost’s Emilie de Ravin, Husband Split [People]


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