Another Week, Another Pete Doherty Arrest

June 19th, 2006 // 9 Comments

Ah, yes. I see the latest stint in rehab worked out well. Pete Doherty was arrested in Sweden last night after being escorted off a plane in a “drug-fuelled high.” So it looks like our reader who spotted Doherty in Lisbon’s drug market (more precisely, Meia-Laranja), a place where hard drug addicts waiting for the dealer to bring their fix, was on to something. Fresh out of rehab and back on the stuff.

The singer, 27, had to be put in a wheelchair trolley and pushed from the plane before being taken into custody. According to witnesses, Doherty looked “wasted”. It was his second mid-air drug drama in two weeks.

A passenger on the flight from Amsterdam to Stockholm said: “As soon as he got on everyone could tell he was clearly on drugs.

“He was with a friend who was nearly in as bad a state. As soon as we took off Doherty began walking around and started arguing with the stewardesses. They told him to sit down and refused to give him any drink.”

Pete is off his trolley [The Sun]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Tilly

    You know if that was anybody else they would be under the jail. How many times has this wack job been busted for one hard core drug or another.

    It sounds like to me he does not give a crap about himself anymore than he does anyone else. Maybe if he would just OD and be on his mary way to the undertaker we could save the column space of his ongoing stupidity for something more important like abused children and animals…

  2. Unknown

    AMEN Tilly! Well said!

  3. dottcomm1

    i thought he saw god in rehab and was going straight and giving everything he had to charity?

    hmmm… i smell a lie…

  4. MIchelle

    Can someone please explain to me WHY this guy is news??

  5. medeastrawberry345

    HE needs to be saved from himself! It was funny now it is so sad. No one knows anything about him except his messed up state. That is a shame!

  6. Little Mickey

    Underneath all that car-wreckage, there is a very, very talented guy.

    It will break my heart if he doesn’t ever manage to sort himself out.

  7. Kaitlyn

    I get very annoyed with the way people talk about Pete Doherty. He is not just a drug user like many people think, he is a MUSICIAN. He is one of the most brilliant writters out there at the momment and it would be nice to see atleast one talented artist stay around for a while.

    People these days have no respect for one another; sure the guy has problems, but who gives a damn? It’s his business not ours. It has no reason to be on posted all over the internet, perhaps that is one of the reasons why he getting into worse trouble, he doesn’t like to be critisized all the time.

    All the people who have said anything rude about Pete Doherty obviously have never heard his music. Go check out the Libertines you dumb fucks.

  8. Tine

    Kaitlyn –

    I understand your points. But he is screwing himself over – he can’t even perform a show and all his craziness does affect others – would you want to be squirted by blood like that camera man was?! I wouldn’t….

  9. Tilly

    Kaitlyn honey every time he gets arrested it affects others. He is a burden on just about every justice system of every country he steps foot in.

    He is a danger to others and himself (something he has proven time and time again). I for one really dont give a damn how talented of a musician he might be, he a waist of good oxygen and a waist of talent.

    To those much is given much is expected. He has done nothing but fail that test time and time again.

    If you wish to cry for poor Pete, well it is your wasted time and energy but most of us with half a brain, like myself would rather see acknowledgement go to those more deserving. At this point Courtney Love is looking deserving next to Needle Pete…

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