Another Week, Another Pete Doherty Arrest

Ah, yes. I see the latest stint in rehab worked out well. Pete Doherty was arrested in Sweden last night after being escorted off a plane in a “drug-fuelled high.” So it looks like our reader who spotted Doherty in Lisbon’s drug market (more precisely, Meia-Laranja), a place where hard drug addicts waiting for the dealer to bring their fix, was on to something. Fresh out of rehab and back on the stuff.

The singer, 27, had to be put in a wheelchair trolley and pushed from the plane before being taken into custody. According to witnesses, Doherty looked “wasted”. It was his second mid-air drug drama in two weeks.

A passenger on the flight from Amsterdam to Stockholm said: “As soon as he got on everyone could tell he was clearly on drugs.

“He was with a friend who was nearly in as bad a state. As soon as we took off Doherty began walking around and started arguing with the stewardesses. They told him to sit down and refused to give him any drink.”

Pete is off his trolley [The Sun]