Another Steller Sneak Peek of a New Episode of “Hey Paula”

Paula visits David Letterman’s late night talk show and has an encounter outside of the CBS studios with a very enthused fan in tonight’s episode of “Hey Paula”. The poor girl is hysterical and completely beside herself upon meeting Paula. Bless her heart, she’s barely able to speak when faced with her idol. And you know, nothing makes Paula happier than a delirious, sobbing fan. I also kind of get the feeling that perhaps she’s developed some sort of contact high from being so close to Paula, which would explain her ragged speech. Just kidding! Paula’s drug-free and high on life. Seriously. Meanwhile, a very encouraging Tony Soprano is waiting in the limo for Paula, to let her know just what a great job she did. I have no idea why he’s there. I’m guessing I should have watched “The Sopranos” finale.