Another Publicist Runs Screaming From Britney

Starpulsereports that Britney’s lost another publicist.

Britney Spears is dealing with the departure of yet another publicist in the span of only three months. Spears has been without a personal publicist since October, after parting ways with Leslie Sloane Zelnick. In the interim, Sonia Muckle, a publicist at Spears’ label Jive Records, has been handling her less-than-favorable recent press coverage.

Now Muckle has had enough and is moving on and leaving Jive to start her own marketing and promotions company. Muckle insists her departure has nothing to do with the pop star’s recent antics, which include spending numerous nights on the town with Paris Hilton and being photographed without underwear.

She tells Radar Online, “I left of my own accord. This has been in the works for several months.”

Sure it has, honey. It had nothing to do with you realizing that multiple beaver shots sell themselves, really and don’t require PR.

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