Another “Laguna Beach” Denizen In Trouble

You know it’s a slow news day when we’re reporting on various dweebies and dickheads from reality television causing trouble. I wouldn’t know who this chick was if she kicked me square in the nuts, but “Laguna Beach” is loved by….somebody, so I guess one of you is gonna recognize her. Jessica Smith got pinched for a drunken driving accident, in which someone was injured .

Cops say Smith, 19 (seriously — 19!), of Laguna Beach, was driving a Volkswagen Beetle and slammed it into the back of an Acura, causing “great bodily injury” to people in both cars. The CHP report said that her level of intoxication, unsafe speed and wet roadways were conditions that led to the crash. The driver of the Acura, Roy Hernandez of Lake Forest, sustained minor injuries. A passenger in Jessica’s car, Lindsay Cooper, 20, suffered minor injuries.

Police sources tell TMZ that Smith is still being held in an Orange County jail. Her bail was set at $100,000. Smith is due in court tomorrow morning.

Smith’s ex-boyfriend, Laguna star Jason Wahler has been arrested several times in several states for several reasons.

“Great bodily injury” sounds like someone ended up through a windshield and on a respirator. Or it could have been a really theatrical state trooper. Nevertheless, this chick’s in trouble. Did she play, oh I’m sorry…because that show was in no way scripted…seem like a drunk on the show?

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