Another Disturbing Joe Simpson Photo

August 16th, 2005 // 16 Comments

While Ashlee’s new look only adds to the nauseam created by this photo.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. bad bunny

    if you did’nt know they were related, you would think that they are dating!

  2. My god! She’s looks rather old and Cindi Lauperish in that picture.

  3. Tracy

    I’m not one to usually care about this, but I HATE that I can see the perfect form of his beer gut in that shirt….I think it justs makes me think of him even more as a middle aged pervert sitting in his underwear drinking beer and eating cheeto’s while watching his daughter’s “boots are made for walking” video….

  4. Gossip Guru

    Am I the only one who realizes that this girl is really depressed. Look at her eyes, in every pic you see she seems lost. I feel bad forn her.As for Joe, he is pimping out his daughters. He is working Jessica to the point of a break down.

  5. Meaux

    Is it me or does she look like Tina Yothers?

  6. JIll

    Somebody should tell that guy he is 45 not 18. Nice ear ring, douch bag.

  7. cakeboy

    okay as far as the mgmt. of his daughters-
    dude is a scumbag.
    But, i dont know, maybe i got a daddy fetish
    cause everytime i’m mellow yellow
    and have sipped my martini to the olive—-
    i kinda think he’s hot enough to fuck.
    do i need counseling?

  8. I’m pretty sure I spot a nipple through a shirt due to the camera lights. And I’m not referring to Ashlee.

  9. Oh…my…gawd…What is up with that lipstick? The color is WAY off and the application is horrible. Gag.

  10. mary

    why do her eyes look so far apart? Gawd, she’s ugly.

  11. Jane

    Bwaaah…I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. JR Ewing has never looked grosser!!

  12. raevee nyc

    They are an odd couple.
    Is it just me is is her nose looking better and better in every picture.
    Now if she could just find the right stylist, she will be ok.

  13. assa

    Oh no, she is tryin to be another Pari Hilti

  14. I Is a ho, offiskinner!

    I’m going to post now and if I don’t see it immed. , I’m going to hurt myself. Or someone , something , a small animal , cupcake , ,a midget.

  15. Pleasant

    This guy can’t even manage to French his own daughter. Look at that poser, Pimping his daughters must get boring.

  16. TheHellsAngels

    Everyone go fuck yourself
    they made it and all you can think about is his beer gut and her lipstick…..
    for 100mil a year…they don’t even hear comments like these….
    I would fuck em both up the ass and shit on their heads but they are there and I am not…fuck it!!!!
    leave em alone…and go back to payin ya billzz!!

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