Another One Bites The Dust! Joel Kinnaman And Olivia Munn Have Reportedly Split

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Olivia Munn makes yellow look oh, so fabulous!
Nothing is more disappointing than when a couple who looked so happy together end up splitting up.

After two years together, Joel Kinnaman and Olivia Munn have supposedly decided to end their relationship. How sad!

Of course, initially hearing about any sort of break-up causes us to wince and feel sorry for any and all parties involved. Like with most bad things, the details just make it so much sadder to hear about.

Us Weekly reports that this relationship has actually been over for a while. By a while, I mean months.

We just saw them two months ago at the Robocop premiere. Unfortunately, we didn’t really connect he dots that they didn’t bother to pose together, despite looking absolutely fabulous on the red carpet. If we would have paid closer attention, maybe we would have realized they were on their way to Splitsville.

A source told the magazine, “a lot had to do with distance. He’s back filming in Toronto and she’s now in L.A. for good.” So perhaps once they’re back in the same vicinity as one another, they’ll rekindle their flame?

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