Anne Heche Loses Custody of Homer. Says, “D’OH!”


Primary custody of Anne Heche’s son, Homer, has been awarded to the boy’s father, Coley Laffoon. In addition, Heche has been ordered to pay child support to her soon-to-be ex-spouse. E! News reports that a source hinted that Laffoon, a freelance videographer, had been hoping to get $33,000 a month from Heche to keep up his “marital standard of living,” but has found that the spousal and child support that he was actually awarded recently is for a whole lot less. Anne will be seeing Homer on alternate weekends, and is getting ready to return to Vancouver in order to begin production on season two of Heche’s TV comedy, “Men in Trees.” Originally, Laffoon had been expected to bring the couple’s 5-year-old son to Vancouver, where the boy will spend the summer with his mother, when the divorcing couple seemed to have agreed to a short-lived truce last month. However, this new ruling may change that plan altogether.

In this whole story, all I could really focus on was the fact that Anne has returned to Vancouver to shoot a whole new season of “Men in Trees,” which has recently become a guilty pleasure of mine. So, YAY! Anne, baby, I’m just trying to see the glass as being half-full. Don’t hate. Also, this will give you a whole summer to go out and party like a Hollywood single mom. Woo hoo! Jello shots for everybody!

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