Anne Heche Divorce Stays Ugly


Anne Heche’s divorce from her scrub now involves mutilated clothing, and the removal of yoga mats. Her ex , Coley Laffoon, was in court saying that Anne’s been been taking the furniture out from under his nose. Marriage to someone named “Laffoon” was never going to work out anyway.

Earlier this month, Laffoon petitioned the court to make Heche return a number of items she took from their house on Las Palmas Avenue, as well as enjoin her from moving anything else, seeing as he was already bereft of the master bed, his desk, the yoga room rugs and various other things.

Laffoon also said that, when he was packing for a trip, he discovered that several pairs of pants were missing from his closet and that the buttons had been yanked from 19 of his shirts.

The judge ruled that Anne can keep her swag, but Laffoon can stay in the house for the time being. She wasn’t asked to return the buttons. That’s a lot of anger if she ripped the buttons off of 19 shirts. That would take awhile. That’s anger combined with patience. Most people would just throw em in a pile and set it alight.

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