Anne Heche Can Now Fully Enjoy Being Surrounded By Men In Trees


The dissolution of Anne Heche’s nearly five year marriage to Coley Laffoon was recently announced amidst rumors that she has been getting cozy with her “Men In Trees” costar, James Tupper (featured with Heche in the above photo), whose marriage also recently ended this past November. Heche and Laffoon (God, I love ALL of the last names involved in this scenario SO much…) have a four-year-son togther and met shortly after Heche’s break-up from comedienne, Ellen DeGeneres. E! News reports:

While neither party has yet officially filed for divorce, Heche for one is already moving on–at least professionally.

In addition to finishing off the current season of Men in Trees–in which she can perhaps now draw on experience to play a single woman suddenly surrounded by available men–the actor recently signed on to star alongside Alan Cumming, David Boreanaz and Carrie Fisher in the horror flick Suffering Man’s Charity, due out later this year.

As much as I hate to say it, they make a cute couple. She’s such a wacko, but I can’t help but secretly love her. I think it’s her hair.

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