Anne Hathway Accepts The Pot

Today Anne Hathaway graciously accepted Harvard University’s Hasty Pudding Award for Woman Of The Year.  But before Hathaway could steal the Pudding Pot and skip the nonsense, she had to endure obnoxious-slash-witty-banter roasting and a parade fit for a State Fair princess.  Hathaway started her day in Cambridge, MA with a tour of the prestigious university.  She greeted the statue of John Harvard with a clever, “hi, dude” and braved the snowfall for a parade through Harvard Square.

Hathaway then attended a roast in her honor, where the students covered everything from The Princess Diaries and Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland to some of her fav-o-rite things.  Her answer?

“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.”

Harvard’s answer?

“Appearing topless in a movie.”

After the Hasty Pudding Club deemed Hathaway worthy of the Pudding Pot, she broke out a poem she had written especially for the occasion.

“I feel all warm and gooey inside, joyous with my reddened backside, that your roast smacked upside.  My rump is swollen with pride.”