Anne Hathaway To Act And Sing As Judy Garland In New Biopic

Joining Hugh Jackman on stage at the Academy Awards may have been a smart enough move to make up for Anne Hathaway’s very poor dating judgment

The actress has been selected to star in a film and stage adaptation of the biography “Get Happy: The Life of Judy Garland.” 

The pic, which is being produced by kingpin Harvey Weinstein, will chronicle Judy Garland’s classic roles in The Wizard of Oz and A Star is Born, her Grammy-winning singing career, and of course, her five wrecked marriages. 

And, because no movie star’s documentary is complete without drugs and self-destruction, Hathaway will also portray Garland’s lifelong addiction, accidental overdose and early death.  Rachel Getting Married has certainly warmed her up for that one! 

So while Anne has yet to actualize her dreams of babysitting Barack Obama’s children, this new gig seems like a slightly better fit for for her career anyway. 

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