Anne Hathaway is Deluded And Possibly Racist

December 27th, 2006 // 20 Comments

Starpulse reports on some misconceptions Anne Hathaway has about how Hollywood works, and her weird racial profiling.

Anne Hathaway is not worried about gaining weight. The 24-year-old actress insists she has no intention of being pressured by Hollywood into staying slim and already knows how she will cope if she puts on a few pounds.

She said: “There has always been pressure on actresses, but I will never suffer, because if I gain weight I will just become a character actress.”

More of Anne Hathaway yapping away after the jump.

The brunette – who starred in The Devil Wears Prada and Brokeback Mountain – has also revealed that she lets her boyfriend dress her.

Hathaway admits her Italian lover Raffaello Follieri, who she has been dating since 2004, is far more fashion conscious than her and regularly picks out the outfits she wears.

She said: “I go to my boyfriend for help to pick out everything. He is Italian so has the perfect taste. For me, style is just throwing on whatever’s clean and I’ll probably never change.”

Yeah, because Kathleen Turner and Dianne Wiest are just raking in the film roles. Wake up, sweetie. And what is this business about how Italians are good at picking out clothes? Has this bitch been to a wedding reception down at the Sons of Italy? Bigot. I’m Italian and I’m wearing navy and black as we speak. I look like a giant bruise. That being said, I want an “Italian lover”. That’s an odd way to describe someone’s beau, but it still sounds hot.

By J. Harvey

  1. CM

    Wow, what is your problem? Tone down the hostility towards Anne Hathaway a smidge. You appear to be having an enormous hissy fit over nothing.

  2. bella

    She scares me. Her eyes and mouth are too big for her face.

  3. Maureen

    Anne is my first cousin, saw her at christmas along with Raphaello. They are great people. She is one of the kindest people I know, so back the F off.

  4. Michelle

    I love Anne Hathaway, but that bit about Italians is so completely off. I’m Italian, and I’m wearing Uggs right now, and according to the poll further down this page, I’m not so great at fashion. :)

  5. dmumsie

    All I am saying is.. Character actors last longer, make more money that stars if they are flexable, talented and hard working.

  6. Jinxy McDeath

    You know she’s a beautiful girl, emphasis on girl. Those are the words a very young women and she is young, and thankfully has class and manners, She isn’t running around like the nimrod celebutards ala Blohan, Parasite and that crew. She’s going to have a great career if she keeps focused. Italian lovers are hot, everyone should have at least one.

  7. GiGi

    Cool your jets. There was absolutely nothing remotely racist about that remark.
    Racism is commonly defined as a belief or doctrine where inherent biological differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, with a corollary that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.
    So she made a generalization about Italians. If you’ve been to Italy you would know what she’s talking about.

  8. adrianachristensen

    I don’t think she said anything racist. Her boyfriend just has great style.

    I think that Anne can still do well as a character actress because she is would still have a very pretty face. Some Hollywood stars (Jen Aniston, Kate Hudson) would look like $hit if they gained weight.

  9. Didnt she have to lose weight for the role of Andy in the Devil wears prada?

  10. Tonysgirl

    Hmmm, I am trying to think how did you get the word”Racist” out of that?

    And I like her attitude with so much focus on everyone being so skinny today to see an actress who does’nt mind gaining a few pounds.

  11. snowballa

    look up the word racist before you stupidly hurl it around.

  12. John

    She’s right: Italians are some of the most clothes-conscious people on earth. Go to Italy and see for yourself.

  13. HARLEM J


  14. JazzyJeff

    Is it me, or are people really taking this whole celeb gossip thing WAY to seriously? I mean, really, if you are gonna get upset about Anne being made fun of, is this really the site you should be reading? Fer chrissakes, it’s not like it’s CBS World News Tonight!!!

  15. Maureen

    Annies cousin here, and yes they made her lose twenty lbs for prada. She had help from raphaellos chef on his yacht all summer.

    I am really her cousin, went to the prada premiere, and this comment is way off base.

  16. tom

    Don’t think it’s racist at all, but nonetheless, she is way overrated as a actress. That role in Brokeback could have been played by Dolly Parton (and quite frankly, Hathaway played it like Dolly Parton), those Disney Princess movies were Lifetime television movie fluff, and the Devil Wears Prada…dear God…can you say hack acting and writing? Did Hollywood pass on the steel cookie-cutter they used to make Hathaway’s and Meryl Streep’s characters?

  17. k

    she needs to floss more often.

  18. Kim

    Hey Maureen, totally not having anything to do with any of these posts, but does Anne have a cousin named Ian also? Theres this girl at my work that claims shes engaged to an Ian Hathaway whos cousins with Anne Hathaway and everyone thinks she makes it all up… Happened to come across this and hope you can help me!

  19. kayman

    Wow, it’s shocking how many people don’t even know what racism is. You do realize being Italian isn’t race don’t you?

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