Anne Hathaway is Deluded And Possibly Racist

Starpulse reports on some misconceptions Anne Hathaway has about how Hollywood works, and her weird racial profiling.

Anne Hathaway is not worried about gaining weight. The 24-year-old actress insists she has no intention of being pressured by Hollywood into staying slim and already knows how she will cope if she puts on a few pounds.

She said: “There has always been pressure on actresses, but I will never suffer, because if I gain weight I will just become a character actress.”

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The brunette – who starred in The Devil Wears Prada and Brokeback Mountain – has also revealed that she lets her boyfriend dress her.

Hathaway admits her Italian lover Raffaello Follieri, who she has been dating since 2004, is far more fashion conscious than her and regularly picks out the outfits she wears.

She said: “I go to my boyfriend for help to pick out everything. He is Italian so has the perfect taste. For me, style is just throwing on whatever’s clean and I’ll probably never change.”

Yeah, because Kathleen Turner and Dianne Wiest are just raking in the film roles. Wake up, sweetie. And what is this business about how Italians are good at picking out clothes? Has this bitch been to a wedding reception down at the Sons of Italy? Bigot. I’m Italian and I’m wearing navy and black as we speak. I look like a giant bruise. That being said, I want an “Italian lover”. That’s an odd way to describe someone’s beau, but it still sounds hot.