Anne Hathaway Compares Self To La Lohan

February 20th, 2007 // 1 Comment


Why anyone would do that willingly is beyond me, but whatevs. In what I think is an attempt of the well-behaved sibling to detract the negative attention from the black sheep of the family, Anne Hathaway recently said that under the surface, she probably shares more similarities with the hard-partying, rehabbing young starlet than most would assume at first glance. From People:

“You know, Lindsay [Lohan] and I have a lot more in common than people think,” she says in an interview with the UK’s The Sunday Times. “We’ve all done things we shouldn’t, it’s just I did stuff at college, when nobody knew about it, so I’m not a saint.”

She also added:

“I wasted time doing self-destructive things but it didn’t work. I found out you can only dance on so many tabletops. I got that all out of my system and now I’m healthy and I’m grounded.”

I appreciate Anne’s attempt to reach out to Lindsay and perhaps try to help alleviate the public scrutiny on the woman, but dancing on tabletops at college is a little different than a hard-core cocaine habit, possible eating disorder and/or cutting one’s self repeatedly. I mean, I’m no expert, but it’s just a thought.


More photos of Lindsay Lohan on her post-rehabe prowl after the jump.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. Loob

    WOW Lindsay, fanTASTic idea to have that heavy metal projectile hanging from your rear view mirror! There’s no Off position on the genius switch, as Dave would say.
    I just hope that when you knock yourself unconscious with it, you don’t also plow down any innocent people or trees. A brick wall would be fine.

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