Anne Hathaway Befriends Bears

For all you crazed bitches who took me seriously when I called Anne Hathaway a racist, here’s a nice item about her to appease you.

Anne Hathaway spent an unusual night on the town on a Friday shortly before Christmas.

The “Devil Wears Prada” star was headed with friends to the Gramercy Park Hotel. But while Sean Penn and his party of eight were allowed in right ahead of them, door staff failed to recognize the dressed-down starlet. The velvet rope stayed tightly clamped shut.

Undeterred, her friends (who we can safely say were fans of her role in “Brokeback Mountain”) took her instead to Snaxx – a W. 23rd St. bar for burly gay men known as “bears.”

“No one hassled her, and she had a great time,” said a witness. “It was beer night.”

They probably mispelled “bear night” as “beer night”. Dumbasses. Anne’s hot. My boyfriend is the hottest bear around so I take it we could party with her. FYI, bears are the hot new subculture. They’re going to be big in 2007. You can keep your anime cat girls, and your Panic at the Disco! french revolution goth jerks. You can keep your twinks and your gym bunnies. In 07, it’s all about the big belly and the hairy ass. Mark my words. Thanks, Anne. You’re still a racist, though. Kidding!

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