Anne Hathaway Says Her Favorite Princess Is Kate Middleton

Anne Hathaway 2013 Met Ball
Anne in vintage Valentino at the 2013 Met ball.
When someone asks me who my favorite princess is I always think in terms of Disney (my fav is definitely Snow White), but Anne Hathaway took a different approach.

Anne appeared on Good Morning America to promote her new movie Rio 2, and was asked by a little girl via Instagram who her favorite princess is. After thinking a minute, Anne answered Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. A perfect answer. Nice one, Anne. 

Catherine isn’t technically considered a princess, but I’ll allow it anyway because I like that Anne chose a real life person instead of a pretend one. She basically took the opportunity to show that little girl and millions of others that we have real life princesses who can be looked up to, and I think that’s awesome.

About her choice of Catherine as her favorite princess, Anne said, “I think she’s lovely. She makes me very happy and that royal wedding just could not be beat.” It’s the truth. The royal wedding was absolutely gorgeous.

Catherine also has an adorable family now, which is another reason she’s a strong “favorite princess” candidate, at least for me. Have you seen baby Prince George and his adorable chubby cheeks? 

Before signing off, Anne also told the little girl who had asked the question, a precious 6-year-old, that she was a princess too. I’m can’t even imagine how happy that little girl must be now. If that were 6-year-old me I’d probably still be screaming.