20 Pictures Of Anne Hathway’s Red Carpet Evolution [PHOTOS]

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Anne Hathaway
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Everyone is wondering what Anne Hathaway will wear to this Sunday’s Oscar ceremony.  Valentino?  Chanel?  Versace?  As of Wednesday night, Hathaway herself had no clue.

“Hands on a Bible, I have no idea,” Hathaway told E! at the Costume Designer’s Guild Awards in Beverly Hills.

“I have a few in mind,” the Best Supporting Actress nominee continued.  ”Something exciting happened today. But I started off this awards season, once I found out I was nominated, with one idea and it’s kind of changed. I have no idea what’s going to happen.” 

While she’s deciding, SOCIALITE LIFE thought it would be a gas to look back on the early days of Hathaway’s Hollywood career, when tube tops and bell bottoms counted as a “going out” ensemble.

Ah, memories.  For those of you around the same age as Hathaway, prepare yourself for a flashback to high school.

By Kelly Lynch

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