20 Pictures Of Anne Hathway’s Red Carpet Evolution [PHOTOS]

Anne Hathaway
Accessorizes her broken arm in style.
Everyone is wondering what Anne Hathaway will wear to this Sunday’s Oscar ceremony.  Valentino?  Chanel?  Versace?  As of Wednesday night, Hathaway herself had no clue.

“Hands on a Bible, I have no idea,” Hathaway told E! at the Costume Designer’s Guild Awards in Beverly Hills.

“I have a few in mind,” the Best Supporting Actress nominee continued.  “Something exciting happened today. But I started off this awards season, once I found out I was nominated, with one idea and it’s kind of changed. I have no idea what’s going to happen.” 

While she’s deciding, SOCIALITE LIFE thought it would be a gas to look back on the early days of Hathaway’s Hollywood career, when tube tops and bell bottoms counted as a “going out” ensemble.

Ah, memories.  For those of you around the same age as Hathaway, prepare yourself for a flashback to high school.