Anne Hathaway Poses For ‘Interview,’ Talks ‘Jersey Shore’ With Chelsea Handler

While on vacation in Positano, Italy, Anne Hathaway spoke with comedienne Chelsea Handler for Interview Magazine.  Since both ladies hail from the great state of New Jersey, Handler thought it appropriate to bring up the subject of Jersey Shore and the striking similarities between Hathaway and Snooki.

Handler: “I want to know your thoughts on being from New Jersey, and Jersey Shore, and how you think that show has helped our reputation as Jersey girls.”

Hathaway: “I think that Jersey Shore is awesome. I’ve gone to Cape May every summer of my life.”

Handler: “I’m talking about the show, Anne.”

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Hathaway: “I know—I’m getting there. When I first saw the show, I thought, Wow, they are having a very different experience there than my experience in Cape May. I thought the first season of the show was awesome because it was authentic, but I don’t watch it any more because now they know that there’s a camera there. The Situation is totally self-aware. He’s referring to himself as The Situation non-stop. In the episode I saw, his car got towed, and he was like, ‘We’ve got a situation here, and The Situation is the situation.'”

Handler: “Did you honestly stop watching though, because you found there were too many similarities between you and Snooki?”

Hathaway: “Absolutely. I like to watch MTV for escapist pleasure, but when I saw Snooki, I saw my twin. I couldn’t lose myself in the show anymore because there I was.”

Handler: “I had to actually stop watching the show because I was like, ‘This girl reminds me too much of Hathaway.'”