Anne Hathaway & Paul Rudd Audition For ‘Jersey Shore’ [VIDEO]

Guys! Jersey Shore is getting some seriously quality candidates for its new season. Conan O’Brien heard that MTV was looking for a new cast and got his hands on a “leaked” audition tape. It’s amazing. Apparently Anne Hathaway and Paul Rudd really want to be on it. Check it out after the jump.

We all know Anne is a very proud Jersey girl, but did you know that she’s also looking for a “Tall, completely jacked, steroids like multiple growth hormones — that’s the type I’m attracted to.” She did mention that she sees Snooki as her twin, so it makes total sense.

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Paul is also looking for some Jersey loving stating, “I wanna marry a Guido.” Them guidos are a far cry from the kind of company Paull usually keeps, namely super sexy Hollywood actresses. Watch the video for a surprise auditioner as well. Trust me, you’ll die.

Also, is it true that they want to replace people? What would do without cast members like Denna Cortese and her crazy drunken escapades? Really though, if they were to replace them, I’d totally be down for Paul and Anne. Plus, then Anne can bust out her crazy Catwoman moves on whoever bugs her in the bar. Check out the video and tell us how you think they’d do on Jersey Shore.