Anne Hathaway Isn’t Comfortable Flirting

Anne Hathaway said that her role in Love And Other Drugs kinda scared her because of how open the character’s sexuality was. She said that she finds it hard to be seductive and flirtatious.

But she also hated the stereotypes that came with her role in The Princess Diaries

“The most important thing was to make Maggie honest… she had amazing potential to be angry, funny, smart and incredibly wounded. The thought of combining all of those aspects into a character was a challenge but very exciting.

It was the sexuality of the character [that scared me]. I’m much happier talking with people than I am flirting with them. I’m pretty shy and not entirely comfortable with the kind of attention you get when you focus on your sexual side. I was afraid that I couldn’t pull off playing Maggie.”

However, Hathaway also bemoaned how her breakthrough role in The Princess Diaries had resulted in an unrealistic presumption of naivety and innocence.

“The question that I dreaded answering in interviews was ‘Did you always dream of being a princess?’ It was frustrating because, like constantly being asked about the nudity in Love And Other Drugs, it kept the conversation at the surface. It was like talking to my grandparents – you know, ‘I’m really not as young as you think but I’m going to be polite’.”