Anne Hathaway & Her Broken Arm Grab Some Goodies In NYC [PHOTOS]

Anne Hathaway, what happened to your arm? And where’s your face?

The actress and her fiancé, Adam Shulman, were spotted in NYC over the weekend grabbing some drinks and goodies in Brooklyn. Anne is covering her surprisingly cute pixie cut with an over sized hat, making it increasingly difficult to see her face. Rude.

I wonder what she thought of the trailer for Les Miserables. Cause I won’t lie, I am beyond excited about it. But now comes the very important question: what happened to her hand?

According to reports, Anne got in a minor accident and injured her wrist. Check out the video if you need confirmation. Well I do hope she’s OK. We can’t have our favorite singer, actress, funny girl–aside from Emma Stone–getting hurt. What will the films of the world do?

Check out the photos in the gallery to see more of Anne’s over sized hat and broken arm. Also, how cute is that Adam? Well done, Anne. Well done.