Anne Hathaway Grabs A Coffee To Go To Keep Up With Her Busy Life

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Anne Hathaway marries Adam Shulman!
When you’re a celebrity there’s bound to be very little time to relax, and this favorite star of mine is busier than ever.

Anne Hathaway was seen grabbing a coffee in NYC, and the famed actress didn’t even have time to enjoy it sitting down. She enjoyed her coffee on the go while braving the cold, dressed in a long white coat over jeans, a big blue and red patterned scarf, and of course a hat and sunglasses. Sorry Anne, we know it’s you – you can’t fool us! 

The star has a lot going on lately, with her movie Interstellar coming out soon and another possible deal in the works. Reese Witherspoon was slated to appear in a new comedy called The Intern but dropped out mid-January, and Anne Hathaway is one of the actresses being considered as her replacement.

The movie stars Robert De Niro and is about a company who hires a retiree intern who becomes invaluable to the company. When I think Anne Hathaway in an office environment, I can’t help but think of Devil Wears Prada. Something tells me this movie would be a lot different though, besides the obvious lack of Meryl Streep.

That’s not all that Anne Hathaway has been up to. Recently she attended The Great American Storybook event, where Madonna was also in attendance. Anne even performed a song, “New York, I love you but you’re bringing me down. I always forget Anne can sing, too. She can basically do it all.