Anne Hathaway Gets Friendly With A Friend’s Baby Bump

What ya thinking there Anne Hathaway? Is that biological clock ticking loudly?

The Les Miserables’ actress grabbed a healthy breakfast with a friend at Glow Bio in Hollywood, California yesterday (April 29, 2013). Anne petted her seemingly pregnant friend’s belly and shared some laughs after their meal.

Anne has spoken of her desire to have a family. She told Stella magazine, “I wanted to be a mom since I was 16. I’m 30 and I want to have a family of a certain size, I gotta get on it.”

We wish her luck with that quest. 

Anne looked perfectly comfortable being photographed by the paparazzi here, but that wasn’t that case the other day at LAX.

Hathaway was shown into a waiting SUV after landing at LAX airport, where she was spotted by a TMZ reporter. However, it was quickly discovered that it was not the correct SUV.

Despite this, she asked the driver if she could wait in the vehicle before her car arrived. The man obliged, before Hathaway’s real ride arrived on the scene to pick her up.

Would she have tried to hop in another SUV if the driver had said no? So strange.

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